The Auricular Nerve Field Stimulator is FDA cleared. It is typically used for a target population of acute and chronic pain. 510(k) 140530



The Progressive Neuro Therapy procedure may be covered by Medicare. Other insurance coverage varies according to your policy.



A simple 15 minute procedure attaching four
leads at precise locations on the ear performed by one of our certified physicians.

Get Back to a Pain-Free Lifestyle. 

Pain is what stops you from living life to the fullest. Your ability to spend precious quality time with family and friends,
go for a joyful walk, or do anything else that makes you happy should not be impaired by pain. Progressive Neuro Therapy
is a procedure that can help significantly reduce pain and improve your quality of life. It can allow
you to continue day-to-day activities and live your life the way you want to.



Progressive Neuro Therapy is a low risk, non-invasive procedure that provides neuro-modulating signals for a non-narcotic alternative to pain management. Progressive Neuro Therapy uses the Auricular Nerve Field Stimulator that can assist your body with:

  • Acute pain from surgery, trauma, accidents, and
    other medical procedures
  • Chronic pain that has caused distress over years, even
    after the source of the initial pain had healed
  • Reducing swelling and inflammation

“It’s the first time in years I’ve been able to walk up the stairs without pain – Progressive Neuro Therapy is simple, easy, and a miracle in my life! ”

Female, 72 years young


“I was down with hip pain for the first time in my life after swimming laps – couldn’t move at all. Dr. Zdenek’s treatment gave me relief in the first 24 hours, and I was pain free by the 3rd day. Amazing…”

Male, 91 Years Young

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