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Pain Management Comprehensive Intake

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What Does Your Pain Feel Like

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Each device is worn for 5 days. The device is active for 5 days and then automatically deactivates itself. It’s designed to provide neuro-modulating signals for 96 hours over 5 days. Your doctor might advise additional treatments after that.

You will feel a slight tingling or pulsing sensation in the ear, and eventually, most cease to notice it’s there. There may also be a sense of euphoria and heightened relaxation.

No. The device is customized to your condition and used only one time per session. It is placed by your physician in the Ambulatory Surgery Center to reduce risk of infection and provide a safe, hygienic environment.

The treatment is compatible with all medicine you are taking. Progressive Neuro Therapy will not interfere with any medication.

The device is FDA cleared and the procedure might be covered by Medicare. Other insurance coverage varies according to your policy and may be submitted by you for reimbursement. Payment options are available and may be discussed with your Patient Counselor.

You can shower and wash your hair while wearing the device, but you’ll need to take special care to not get the device wet. Do not go swimming with the device in place. Do not immerse in water. If the device gets significantly wet it will simply stop working. And NO, you won’t get shocked if it gets wet.

Holding a dry washcloth over the device while showering or washing your hair works very well. We’ve also had patients tell us they use a small plastic bowl with a dry cloth inside to hold over the device.

Yes, jewelry can be worn with the device. However, depending on the location of the leads, your particular treatment may prohibit wearing earrings.

Yes, our doctors have done this treatment on patients with hearing aids. This device does not interfere with hearing aids.

Acute pain will begin to diminish significantly in less than 30 minutes in most cases.

Although extremely rare, there may be some side effects, which may include:
Skin irritation
Bleeding or infection at the site of implantation
Pain at the site of implantation
A sore ear
Allergic reactions to the tape and adhesive

Place the device in waste bag provided by your treating clinician. Be sure to bring the waste bag containing the used device with you to your next treatment date. The clinician will properly dispose of it.